SG Gaming Support for the Independent Bookmaker

SG Gaming Support for the Independent Bookmaker

SG Gaming’s complete support package for independent bookmakers helps to drive Stanleybet’s gaming machines business

Competition is fierce for independent bookmaker Stanleybet, based in Merseyside. All four of the company’s modern betting shops – located across Liverpool, Moreton and Liscard – are in direct competition with the big high street bookmakers.

To remain competitive, Stanleybet must stay ahead of the curve, monitoring the performance of their gaming terminals, listening to their customers, and making sure they are constantly on the lookout for ways to enhance their offering.

This is a challenge that Stanleybet has embraced, growing their customer base and cashbox performance.

At the centre of their gaming machine success is the leading content offering, innovative HD terminals, and complete support package offered by SG Gaming, a division of Scientific Games.

Having partnered with SG Gaming, Stanleybet are able to utilise all the tools offered, from reporting and account management, to customisable promotional functionality.

For Stanleybet Estates and Development Manager Steven Roberts, getting the most out of the tools available is valuable to the business. “As an independent operator, we have to make regular and important decisions about content and terminal performance.

“The in-depth yield analysis tools provided by SG Gaming allow us to see exactly how particular shops, content, and terminals are performing; giving us all the information we need to make the right decisions”.

Starting in May 2014, Stanleybet made the decision to upgrade their cabinets across all shops to SG Gaming’s HD Infinity terminals. Available to the Licensed Betting Office, arcade and bingo sectors, the Infinity provides the latest in gaming technology.

Fitted with advanced dual HD 21.5” game screens in a widescreen format, offering superior graphics and an interactive video button panel, the terminals provide an unrivalled gaming experience for the player.

Since installing the new terminals in the spring of 2014 and utilising the added functionality they provide, Stanleybet has seen year-on-year growth in overall cashbox performance.

“Upgrading to the Infinity terminal was a great decision for the business. As well as being totally flexible for players, the new HD terminals have the latest technology and content, allowing us to compete in today’s competitive high street,” said Mr. Roberts.

The terminals’ promotional functionality has also allowed Stanleybet to offer exciting and ever-changing promotions which they can tailor to suit their player base. This means they can promote certain content titles to players, allowing them to vary which titles are in the spotlight from day to day. Promotional functionality, such as on rules-based awards, match play, and machine tournaments, enables Stanleybet to offer players added value in their gaming experience.

But perhaps the most important part of the service provided as part of the partnership is SG Gaming’s dedicated account-management support. The account-management team has access to a wide range of in-house resources including marketing and yield-management tools, enabling them to work closely with Stanleybet to maximise the performance of their terminals.

As a leading supplier of gaming machines, content, and networked solutions to the independent sector, SG Gaming will continue to work closely with Stanleybet, ensuring that their machines business has the latest gaming advancements, products and solutions that engage customers and help to drive cashbox performance.