Server-based gaming solution a success in Bingo sector

Server-based gaming solution a success in Bingo sector

In summer 2015 SG Gaming, a division of Scientific Games, completed a landmark rollout of its server based gaming solution across the Mecca Bingo estate. Over a year on we look at how server based gaming in combination with leading content and promotional functionality has contributed to the overall machine gaming experience for the player and operator.

For SG Gaming, the company’s biggest ever rollout of a server based solution to the bingo sector provided the opportunity to demonstrate how SG Gaming delivers a leading gaming solution and works in partnership with customers to help drive cashbox revenue.

The rollout saw Clarity, T8 and Triple 7 terminals installed across Mecca Bingo Clubs across the UK from Scotland to the South coast. A year on the terminals are now fully embedded, with Mecca customers enjoying access to SG Gaming’s B3 and Category C game titles, including popular titles such as Rainbow Riches PartyTM and Action BankTM.


For Rod Runnalls, Slots Project Manager at Mecca, the benefits of upgraded terminals, exciting content and a supportive partnership with SG Gaming are clear.

“Our customers have more choice than ever before. The depth and variety of B3 and Cat C content available from SG Gaming is key to our gaming machines business. Well known titles such as SpartacusTM and Reel Em InTM from the Company’s Barcrest, WMS and Bally gaming brands have proved popular with our customer base,” Runnalls said.

Runnalls explained that, “In addition to the content offering we introduced the Clarity terminal to our customers with its interactive button panel which has been a welcome addition to Mecca’s cabinet offering, providing players access to great content and modern technology.

Runnalls indicated that the promotional functionality is one of the biggest benefits the server based system provides to the Mecca Bingo venues. “Through various tools including on terminal free plays, prize draws, and machine tournaments, it has provided us with a host of ways of adding value to the overall Mecca experience.

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“The functionality has also enabled us to help drive customer retention and loyalty by providing a consistent promotional offer which adds value to customer experience as well as ultimately contributing to overall cashbox performance”, he added.

Ticket-in, ticket-out (TITO) functionality and ticket redemption stations were also introduced to Mecca for the first time and has proven to be extremely beneficial, providing significant operational efficiencies through all Mecca venues.

“TiTo functionality offers real advantages. For players it enables winnings to be transferred from terminal to terminal, easing the journey by allowing them to move between our content and terminal offering easily. While from an operational perspective, it has proven to be much more time efficient for our teams due to less cash handling in venue which ultimately allows them to focus on delivering good customer service,” Runnalls stated.


So what made the last year such a success? Simple, the close working relationship between both companies didn’t stop at the delivery and installation of the new terminals. Both SG Gaming and Mecca have continued to work closely over the last year, embedding operational efficiencies and looking for ways to help to drive cash box performance.

SG Gaming and the Mecca slots team work together to develop an exciting menu of content and promotional plans designed to spotlight new games and promotions. This ensures Mecca’s customers are offered a bespoke playing experience based on customer preferences.

Back office cashiers, installed in every Mecca venue, allow club teams to monitor all networked machines remotely – enabling quick responses to customer queries and individual terminal monitoring. The machines have been fully integrated with Mecca’s accounting procedures and day-to-day operations, allowing for ease of use by Mecca teams.

The ticket redemption stations in every venue have now also been fully embedded into the overall customer journey thanks to good integration by Mecca staff and are now a part of their day to day journey.

On the ground, SG Gaming’s helpdesk supported by field-based engineers provide Mecca venues with continual training and support, minimising downtime and speedily resolving any potential issues.

Phil Horne, Chief Executive Officer of SG Gaming, believes the success of the partnership is due to the great working relationship between the two companies and the flexibility of SG Gaming’s networked solution.

“I am continually impressed by the close collaboration of the SG Gaming and Mecca teams involved in this partnership. Over the last year the networked solution has seen significant operational efficiencies introduced across the Mecca business. In particular, it is great to see key insight and data provided by SG Gaming being used to identify and address areas of opportunity. The data capture and promotional functionality offered by our networked solution is key to driving cashbox success,” Horne said.

“With ongoing support available to Mecca from SG Gaming’s dedicated account management team, both companies predict the partnership will continue to go from strength to strength.

Horne indicated that “the past year has been a great example of how two businesses can work together to first embed a new server based gaming solution, and then work in partnership to enhance that offering realising its full potential. I am very pleased to see the success of this partnership highlighted in the recent Rank Group results of June 2016 where the rollout of the server based gaming machines was highlighted as a contributing factor to the like-for-like 3% growth in Mecca venue amusement machines.*

“We look forward to continuing the success for the forthcoming years and continue to demonstrate how an advanced server based gaming solution can work in a bingo environment and add to the overall consumer experience,” Horne concluded.

*Figures sourced from The Rank Group Plc (“Rank” or the “Group”) Full year results for the 12 months to 30 June 2016 released 23rd August 2016