Gala Bingo Salutes the Success of SG Gaming’s T8 Sit-Down Terminal

Gala Bingo Salutes the Success of SG Gaming’s T8 Sit-Down Terminal

In the final quarter of 2016, SG Gaming announced the launch of its latest arcade and bingo sector terminal; the T8 sit-down.

The terminal was designed by SG Gaming’s experienced in-house engineering team, who have built on the success of the existing T8 terminal to strengthen the business’ overall product offering.

Built to the highest standard, the T8 sit-down terminal is available across all SG Gaming platforms, from the advanced server-based gaming platform to connected and non-connected platform offerings. The state-of-the art terminal benefits from dual HD 23” screens with touch-screen game interface, a video top-box, enhanced audio, and multi-coloured LED lighting effects.

Here, we will take a look at how SG Gaming’s leading content teamed with the latest hardware has already benefitted both players and operators in the sector.

Gala Bingo currently has six of the T8 sit-down terminals at its Ashton-under-Lyne site. The team reports that it is the cutting-edge content and ‘walk-up’ factor that has enabled the terminals to really make their mark on the venue.

Chris Wrigley, Head of Digital Products and Gaming Development at Gala Bingo Retail, comments: “The T8 sit-down is an impressive addition to the gaming floor, with lighting and HD graphics which catch the attention of our customers. Installing these new terminals has also enabled us to provide our customers with an engaging variety of leading SG Gaming content titles.”

Over the last year, one of the key areas of focus for SG Gaming has been content innovation within the community gaming offering. Multi-player community games operate across the T8, Triple 7 and now T8 sit-down terminal product range and are particularly successful within the arcade and bingo sector.

The multi-player functionality of these games is a popular proposition for players who are looking for an entertaining and social element to their gaming experience whilst in venue. The new T8 sit-down terminals at Gala Bingo benefit from a portfolio of player-popular titles, including 10 community games – from classic titles to new releases.

One particularly exciting new B4 community gaming release is Black Knight®. Based on the player-popular £500 version, this £200 jackpot game features an engaging community free spins bonus and is also available as a category C £100 jackpot. Classic community games from SG Gaming are also on offer to players, including Rainbow Riches Party and Reel ‘Em In®.

Wrigley said, “We have seen a rise in demand for community gaming, which adds an additional social aspect for visitors to our venues. These games also provide an extra level of theatre which can enrich the overall gaming experience for our customers. The T8 sit-down offers an appealing selection of titles using this format, with recognisable licensed content such as GREASE™ as well as feature-packed new titles like Black Knight Community™.”

The leading content offering does not stop at community games with the T8 sit-down. Terminals at Gala’s Ashton club run a full hybrid menu of £100-£500 jackpot games and three B4 slots titles. Aside from the newly launched games, players can choose from a variety of innovative £500 slots titles, including BoulderBuck$™, Quick Hit® Blazing Sevens®, and Rainbow Riches Pick ‘N’ Mix.

Phil Horne, Chief Executive Officer of SG Gaming, said, “The new T8 sit-down terminal combines modern hardware design, our advanced technology platforms, as well as leading content, and demonstrates our commitment to continually improving the player experience and support for operators across the arcade and bingo sector.

“The retail team at Gala Bingo Retail are always looking to boost the content and terminal offering in venues for their loyal customers and we were pleased to be able to add to their floor offering with the T8 sit-down terminal – a product that we are extremely proud of as part of our portfolio.

“We look forward to receiving further feedback from the team at Gala Bingo and working in partnership with the team to continue to refresh and innovate our offering for the bingo sector.”