Cashless Gaming: The benefits of Ticket in Ticket Out

Cashless Gaming: The benefits of Ticket in Ticket Out

The world is going cashless. While the note and coin are still long from disappearing, consumers are increasingly opting for alternative payment methods. The trend – driven by the rise of contactless cards, Apple Pay and the Oyster card – means cash is, simply, no longer king.

As a result, many arcade and bingo operators have been exploring innovative cashless gaming solutions, with Ticket in Ticket Out (TITO) gaming leading the pack.

But the rise in popularity of TITO is not simply due to consumers moving away from these traditional payment options. In fact, TITO offers a vast range of benefits, for both players and operators, which has underpinned its success.

By allowing winnings to be transferred from terminal to terminal in an easy and convenient way, TITO offers players a more efficient and simpler playing experience. With many players now expecting higher levels of customer service, TITO has been a revelation.

TITO has also meant greater efficiencies and less cash handling in-venue for operators. By automating previously manual processes, such as hand pays and cash handling, TITO has eliminated the need for frequent cash clearances and has freed staff up to improve customer service.

As a leading provider of TITO functionality gaming machines, SG Gaming, a division of Scientific Games, has installed the technology to independent and high street operators across the UK, delivering benefits for players and operators alike.

Mecca Bingo has seen these benefits first-hand, following the successful rollout of SG Gaming’s server-based gaming solution powered by Videobet in August 2015. The fully networked terminal base, which includes TITO functionality and the addition of SG Gaming’s ticket redemption station (TRS) into each venue, allowing players to redeem winnings quicker, has already brought operational efficiencies to Mecca’s 79 clubs.

Mohammed Zabed, Head of Slots at Mecca, said, “Adding TITO functionality to our existing offering affirms our ongoing commitment to provide the best terminals and content to players.

“Since its introduction, we have already seen the benefits TITO functionality brings to our operations. Less time required for cash handling has allowed our floor staff to focus on customer service.”

But TITO has also brought benefits beyond the convenience and security offered by reduced cash handling. For many arcade and bingo operators, TITO has increased game floor performance by decreasing the number of hand pays, resulting in longer periods of gaming machine operation – helping to drive cashbox revenue.

SG Gaming’s server and networked-based solutions are at the forefront of TITO functionality. SG Gaming has enabled the whole of its arcade and bingo product range –Triple 7, T8, Infinity and Clarity – to be able to support TITO functionality as well as integrating the industry standard GBG protocol.

Commenting on the benefits of TITO systems, Phil Horne, Group Managing Director of SG Gaming UK, said, “For operators of any size, TITO brings a variety of advantages, including freeing up staff due to less cash handling, increasing security and providing choice and flexibility for players in their gaming schedule.

“SG Gaming is proud of its TITO and connected gaming offering, pioneering best-in-class terminal solutions in the arcade and bingo sector.”